"Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars, points of light and reason. ...And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason, for anything."

~ Edward Cullen

Monday, March 1, 2010

February in Review

Febraury was another great reading month for me. I again finished eight books putting me right on track with my goal of reading 100 books this year. I read some really great titles this month but my favorite had to be the first Percy Jackson and the Olympians novel - The Lightning Thief. I can't say enough good things about this book.

I was bogged down at the beginning of the month with a horrible case of strep throat and then pink eye, which seriously slowed down my blogging. I still managed to post 15 times this month, which isn't too bad for me. I'm getting into more of a routine with my blogging and really enjoying partcipating in the different memes found around the blogosphere.

On the baby front, we didn't do anything with the doctors this past month because I developed ovarian cysts. It was actually nice not to have to worry about the hormone injections, and I was much calmer to be around...lol. Once I start my cycle this month, I'll go back for another ultrasound and see if the cysts are gone and then be able to start trying again. So lots of baby dust to me :)

I'm looking forward to an exciting and productive March. Works been going well, and I've been really staying on top of keeping the house clean and organized. Hopefully this dreary Ohio weather will break and we'll see some sunshine in time for Easter. I can't wait for spring to start working in my flower beds and getting my house all ready for summer!!

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