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~ Edward Cullen

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review: Carpe Demon

Title: Carpe Demon - Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom
Author: Julie Kenner
Pages: 307
Rating: 4.5/5

Lots of women put their careers aside once their kids come along. Kate Connor, for instance, hasn't hunted a demon for ages...

That must be why she missed the one wandering through the pet-food aisle of the San Diablo Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, he managed to catch her attention an hour later-when he crashed into the Connor house, intent on killing her. Now Kate has to clean up the mess in her kitchen, dispose of a dead demon, and pull together a dinner party that will get her husband elected county attorney - all without arousing her family's suspicion. Worse yet, it seems the dead demon didn't come alone...

It's time for Kate Connor to go back to work (Cover Blurb).

This is another book that has been sitting on my shelves, collecting dust since I bought it. I wanted to take a break from the Harry Potter books and grabbed this on a whim. I remember buying this at Wamart and being surprised it was out in Mass Market Paperback. I think this is around the time that more and more publishers were going to this format for the final publication. I'm finding more and more fiction books in this format now then I ever did before. But anyways, back to the book.

I've never read any books written by Julie Kenner. I had heard talk about her mystery series that revolves around designer clothes and coded messages a la The DaVinci Code, but I hadn't read them. If they are anything like Carpe Demon - I'll be picking them up soon. I really, really enjoyed this book. It was exciting and quirky and down to earth. Sometimes, books written in the paranormal genre can be really far fetched. I could really see the things in this book happening (what can I say... I'm a practicing Catholic - demon possession isn't that far fetched of an idea). Also, I dearly loved Kate Connor, the main character and heroine. There was just something really kick butt about her. Plus, what wife wouldn't admire a women who can kill a demon in her kitchen and still put on a dinner party...all in less than two hours.

I already have the next two books in the series to read and I'm ordering number four from Amazon. This is definitely a series I'll be sticking with!


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a fun book. I'll have to go check it out.

Michele said...

I would buy this book for the title alone! How cute!

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