"Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars, points of light and reason. ...And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason, for anything."

~ Edward Cullen

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A New Beginning

Hello there. Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Emily and I'm 27 years old and live in the great state of Ohio. I once had a blog but let it go due to family commitments and the what not, but wanted to get back into the habit of daily blogging about the many books that I read. I'm going to try to update here at least three to four times a week (maybe more if I feel up to it :) ), and I'm going to make a conscience effort to blog about each and every book I read (or attempt to read...there seems to be a lot of that going on lately).

Also, I think I'm going to try to set monthly goals for myself to see how much I can read and enjoy each month --- even setting out a number of books to pick from to read each month. I have a personal library of over 1600 books so I think if I narrow it down every month, I'll actually get more accomplished and more of my TBR pile will be gone.

I do have a very busy life. I'm the proud mommy to two doggies --- Sampson my doberman, and Gidget my great dane. My DH and I love them to death and they are basically our children going almost everywhere with us. Right now, DH and I are hoping to be expanding the family here in 2009 with a little one of our own. I'll keep you posted on how that's going :) I'm a medical biller for a company that does Positron Emission Tomography testing on cancer patients. It's an awesome company to work for with great people and even greater patients. It seems that between work and social commitments, I don't get nearly as much reading done as I used to (read - when I was single). I've been trying to go to bed earlier so I have some "me" time just to get lost in a good book.

My next post will be my monthly book choices for November. Hope all is well with everyone, and keeping reading!!

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Butterfly Amy said...

Welcome back to blogging! And thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, and for adding me to yours. :) I look forward to reading your posts!

Happy Reading!

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